The two essays presented here together on the same web-site, one about the structure of the Universe and the other about Geo-Finance do not seem to have much in common at first sight. However both serve one single and only purpose and that is to get mankind back on the right track.

The Financial Essays throw light on the onerous aspects of what is called modern finance and banking. They stand but for wealth transfer on the sly. To rob the people of their assets and degrade and enslave them in chains of debt. It is a tragedy how mankind has distanced itself from the human values of old and has sunk away into the morass of mass materialism.
Instead of it, a pure, debtless financial system based on natural values nobody can fool around with is proposed.

The Astronomy Essay discards the old Universe of dead Matter, replacing it with a Living Universe, a living creature in its own right. The purpose is to turn humanity away from the erroneous nihilistic cold materialism of the last hundred years and back to the reality, that we all and everything are part of an all-embracing Mother Universe. Bringing a new-born raison-d'être and morality, not based on questionable believes, scriptures, mystics or dogmas, but on a revealing new insight, based on a solid scientific footing, of what Greater Nature holds and stands for.


The Soap Bubble Universe
The Living Universe of Time


Geo-Financial Essays