The Author

Still an teenager I placed two guide pools on my road through life ahead:

Get to grasps with the essence of life and matter and

In order to achieve this aim objectively:

Pursue freedom and independence and never belong to any affiliation.

I left home and country of birth at the age of nineteen. Lived in many different countries, from first to fourth world. Socialized and with the rich and with the poor. Learned many different professions and trades. Only during the first four  years of my active life I worked for a salary and hence four years on performance related contracts. From then on I was my own boss. After 1960 I never held permanent residence status anywhere. I didnot care.

Neither did I ever pay tribute to Caesar or Pope.

With my wife, my partner for life, we pioneered exporting produce from the Peruvian Amazon. Built a mine from scratch on the forgotten coast of Southern Bahia. Traveled all over the globe from the damp tropics and the burning dessert, to the silence and solitude of the Canadian Northlands to find profitable mining ventures, peace and nature.

We flew our single engine Cessna Centurian one and a half times around the globe together. Feeling earth and Indian ocean fall away below in utter darkness while the infinite debt of the Cosmos above embraced us. Flying over the Tasman Sea we felt like day-flies when sucked in to the might of a frontal storm, only to be catapulted out again like an iceball two minutes later and 10.000 feet neerer to heaven.

Pioneering early electronic information systems on the French Minitel. Creating information services long before the Internet became public. Getting entangled in capitalism=s sprawling spider webs when trying to get our ventures financed.

But once back in the unspoilt wilderness of the African bushvelt, all headaches of civilization thriveled away into utter irrevelance when staring up into the vaults of heaven sparkled with brillant stars and listening to nature=s melodies rising out of the surrounding darkness.

It was the achievement of total independence which opened the door for me to the greatest freedom of all, the freedom of pure unrestricted thought, not fenced in by academic discipline, neither by prejudice, religeous concept, nor national feelings, but roaming free and leading to realms far beyond conventional wisdom.